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 Let's Fight Ghost

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My first review for the year 2016... lol. Meh kita blajar bahasa omputis meh. Ignore-kanla kalu ada grammar tunggang terbalik tu. Sy budak baru nk blaja omputis.

Rating keseluruhan drama: Let’s Fight Ghost/Bring it on Ghost (7/10)

1.    Cerita (8/10)
General: An adaptation of a manhwa/webtoon Ssauja Gwisina (싸우자 귀신아) by Im In Seu. Ghost, people who can see ghost, ghost-fighting, evil spirit, mystery-rewinding and love blossoming. A wondering spirit seeking solace from the guy who can see ghost. And every episode contains different subplot which makes it interesting while the main plot is still there peeking from time to time. It's a light drama. Not weak, but light.

Genre: RomCom Horror Action.

Plot: The story revolves around Park Bong Pal who can see, touch and hear ghosts. His encounter with Kim Hyun Ji could be fate, when it slowly brings them closer and solves the mystery behind Hyun Ji’s memory lost and who is the real Prof. Joo, while they were busy fighting with ghosts and sending those ghosts to the afterlife. The fate that slowly opens up the curtain of how their lives intertwined. I love how the story slowly demonstrate the main casts’ relationship and growth. I can feel the love is blossoming.

I won’t give that much rate on originality since we already had a few dramas with the same foundation like The Master’s Sun and Ghost Detective – just to name a few. But the drama is still cute, light, interesting and recommendable.

Sundae Soup – the real fun in this drama, if I might say so. Both Chun Sang and In Rang always brought me to my knees laughing. Having said that, both of them are also some real friends. They support each other despite In Rang’s grandma’s dislike towards Chun Sang. He even supports the love between Bong Pal & Hyun Ji despite him being in love with his angel. He was just as devastated as Bong Pal when he knew Hyun Ji isn’t coming back. Chun Sang who is always willing to lend an extra hand when friends in need – watch Chun Sang  carrying Bong Pal on his back and bringing him to his home and later did the same to In Rang without 2nd thoughts or whining. He even stroked In Rang’s head lovingly. I just love that scene and fell in love with him.

2.    Keberkesanan lakonan (7/10)
Ok Taec Yeon as Park Bong Pal
I think Taec Yeon is okay. Not too bad but not that outstanding either. But he pairing up with KSH brings the best out of him. I like his fighting scenes and his interactions with Hyun Ji. But he needs to improve in showing more emotions in intense scenes.

Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji (Nomination: Best Actress)
Kim So Hyun on the other hand is just amazing. I just loved her. Her cute gestures are just...too cute. And she plays with emotions really well for an actress her age.

Kwon Yool as Joo Hye Sung
Never seen him before in any movie/drama – or he is just not recognizable? Oh wait, he was in the Let's Eat drama kan? Hmm... He’s ok but I failed to sense some of his emotions. But maybe that is due to his character that is supposed to be hard to read and always giving away the spine-chilling aura. 

Kim Sang Ho as Monk Myung Chul (Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)
Ah, Mr Monk. He is just as great as ever. As a veteran, he plays his character really well. I just loved him in everything.

Nomination: Best Duo – Kang Ki Young & David Lee
Kang Ki Young as Choi Chun Sang (Nomination: Best Rookie Actor)
He is just hilarious as Chun Sang.

David Lee as Kim In Rang
This guy is as crazy as Ki Young. This duo just made my day.

Baek Seo E as Im Seo Yeon
Nothing much to say. She’s just lack of emotions, I guess. Never paid attention to her in the drama.

3.    Aspek teknikal (7/10)
The script isn’t too bad but it doesn’t have any memorable lines that could stay in my head either. Since it is a light drama, I just went with the flow with no significant complaints.

Can I also mentioned how this drama bringing in new and fresh faces to the screen? I can really salute the director/Park Joon Hwa for being adventurous and believing in these new actors & actresses. I think he really believes in developing new talents, instead of using the same talented faces to the screen. And I don't think it's a failure at all. Of course, there are things to improve but overall, it's a good movie to enjoy.

4.    Skor muzik (3/5)
Unfortunately, this is the only drama that I don’t have any favorite OST. They were just so-so. Nothing that capture my interest but it’s there for a reason and I don’t dislike it either.

5.    Kebarangkalian untuk tonton semula (3/5)
Mungkin sebab ada byk lg drama korea dlm waiting list I, so kemungkinan utk I tonton semula tu agak rendah.

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